Lee's Rod and Hanger Set

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Rod and Reel Hanger Set

Individual sizes to fit most popular big game reels. Constructed of Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Bright Gold. Reel is attached to Hanger by spring loaded pins riding in bracket. Pins snap into harness lugs on top of reel. Reel cannot swing since it is held in upright position. Tip of Rod is placed into Locking End of set and the Nylon Ring is rotated to lock it in. Can be mounted Horizontally, Vertically or Overhead. Available in sizes to fit most Penn, Shimano, Dual and various other reels. Available in Gold Only.

  • Penn International
  • Shimano - Tiagra
  • Shimano - Triton
  • Other Reels
Reel HangerItem Number
Penn International  
12T, 12LT 16S MC0075-1012
20T MC0075-1022
30S, 30T MC0075-1032
30VSW, 30SW, 30TW MC0075-1033
30VSX MC0075-1034
50S,50T MC0075-1052
50VSW, 50SW, 50TW MC0075-1053
50VSX MC0075-1054
70VS MC0075-1071
80ST MC0075-1082
80STW, 80SW,80TW MC0075-1083
130ST MC0075-1131
20 MC0075-1020
30 MC0075-1030
50 MC0075-1050
50W MC0075-1051
80 MC0075-1080
80W MC0075-1081
130/H/S MC0075-1130

Reel HangerItem Number
Shimano- Tiagra  
Tiagra 16 MC0075-3016
Tiagra 20 MC0075-3020
Tiagra 30 MC0075-3030
Tiagra 30W MC0075-3031
Tiagra 50 MC0075-3050
Tiagra 50W MC0075-3051
Tiagra 80W MC0075-3081
Tiagra 130 MC0075-3130

Reel HangerItem Number
TLD-20 MC0075-4020
TLD-25, TLD-30 MC0075-4025
TLD-50 2 Speed LRS MC0075-4026

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