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Dock & Mooring

OC Boat Supplies Docking and Mooring Supplies

Most boaters know that boat docks and mooring are permanent open structures where boats are stored in the water. Docking and mooring vessels, however, requires different equipment. Boats that come alongside a dock pier or wharf will be secured and protected from damage using fenders and dock lines. Permanently anchoring a vessel to this kind of structure is called mooring and requires a mooring float, a rode and a permanent anchor at the bottom. (Know that boats that are moored still require docking equipment.) Many boaters, especially those with homes on the water find that having their own facility is both cost effective and allows for more time on the water. If you’re thinking of building your own docking and mooring facility, OC Boat Supplies has everything you’ll need.

Mooring anchors are a convenient and cost effective way for boat owners to secure their boats for the summer months. A mooring system can even provide a simple and peaceful alternative to storing the boat in a slip. However, moorings are often overlooked as boaters purchase progressively larger boats. Anchors, hardware and lines need to be properly sized for the weight and length of the boat. Making sure the anchor is correctly sized and in good condition, is a critical component to protecting your investment; your boat. For existing moorings, a thorough inspection should be done annually, including visually inspecting the chain system and connecting hardware.