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Ballast Bags

Build the perfect wake using Fat Sacs to enhance your wakeboarding experience. Wake boarders know that placing weight in different parts of your boat can change the shape of wakes, and are used wake surfers also. By adding ballast bags to your boat it will help the boat to sit lower in the water, especially on the side you will be surfing by. To create an optimal wake surfing wake, the majority of the ballast weight goes in the back corner while smaller amounts of ballast are distributed towards the front, to lengthen and smooth out the wake creating a better surface to ride. Wholesale Marine offers a full line of Barefoot International’s Fat Sacs for your boat, ranging in weight from 260 up to 1,450 pounds.

Fat Sac’s Side Ballast Bags are a popular choice. Sold as a pair, they’re ideal for open bow boats and fit alongside the engine compartment. Need to fine-tune your forward and aft weight distribution? That’s easy with Fat Sac’s Pro X Series Open Bow Triangle Sac. It lowers your bow for optimal control.