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The Slide Anchor Shore Spike gives you all the holding power you could ever need on shore. Nothing gives you more peace of mind on the water than knowing that your boat is secure, and the Shore Spike does just that. 

The Slide Anchor Shore Spike provides a shore tie anywhere you might want to beach your boat, offering a tremendous amount of driving power to break through even the toughest ground conditions and enough holding power to secure your boat in the softest of sands or strongest of winds. 

To start, simply drive the tubular handle downward to deliver the spike blade into the shoreline. Once the Spike is secure, just tie it off to the lower ring. Retrieval is just as easy: just tap the tubular handle upward to free the Spike from the shoreline. 

The Slide Anchor Shore Spike is designed to be used in shallow water as well as on the shore. The top is open for air, water, and debris to pass freely through the handle allowing easy operation underwater. A top ring is provided for a buoy to mark the location of your Spike for other boaters and foot traffic.

  • Small Spike - 32 in long - 9 Lbs
  • Large Spike - 39 in long - 11 Lbs
  • Extra Large Spike - 50 in long - 18 Lbs