Greenfield RICHTER Anchors- 14, 18 & 25 Pounds / Black

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Recommended in most conditions and for high performance

The Richter Anchor combines three proven technologies to create a truly unique high performance anchor. By offering the weight of a River Anchor, the penetration of a Grapnel Anchor and the easy retrieval of a Slip Ring Anchor, the revolutionary Richter digs in and holds under almost any conditions. Its patented release system allows for easy retrieval even when buried or tangled.

Used by over 100 Tournament fishermen, the Richter design is suitable for use in all weather and bottom conditions. Its performance in rocks, mud, weeds, and sand is superior to traditional anchors and requires less anchor line. The Richter Anchor will set and hold, even using a 3-1 scope, allowing boaters and fishermen to stay closer to their set-points.

Richter Anchors
Item Number Working Weight Pounds* Recommended Boat Size in Winds up to 30 Knots Chain Optional Scope (Line Feet: Depth Feet)
614-B 13-14 lbs. < 18 Feet Item#2115 - 1/4" x 4' Anchor Lead Chain 4:1
618B 17-18 lbs. < 24 Feet Item#2115 - 1/4" x 4' Anchor Lead Chain 4:1
625B 24-25 lbs. <32 Feet Item#2115 - 1/4" x 4' Anchor Lead Chain 4:1

*Weights very due to metal and coating. Listed weights are approximate.

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