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Megaware Pontoonguard® - 40' Kit - (2) 20' Guards F/pontoon up To 25' - Blue

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Protect and Customize Your Pontoon!

Protect Your Investment Against Docks and Obstacles!


Megaware PontoonGuard® is a custom engineered protection and safety product designed specifically for your pontoon. It provides protection to the side of the tubes against abrasion and chafing caused by docks, other pontoons, and hidden obstacles.


  • Protect Vulnerable and Exposed Areas of Your Pontoon
  • Make Your Vessel More Visible During Night Operations or While Anchored or Beached
  • Avoid Unsightly Dents and Scrapes from Docking Your Pontoon
  • Add a Custom Sleek Look to Your Pontoon

Megaware Engineering

The Megaware PontoonGuard® incorporates a 3M® reflective strip to enhance the visibility of the pontoon in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source such as headlights or search lights. This can be useful either on or off water while beached, anchored, trailered or parked.

Protect Vulnerable Areas

Protect Vulnerable Areas

Increase Vessel Visibility

Increase Vessel Visibility

Pontoon Guard Technology
Add a Custom Sleek Look Add a Custom Sleek Look  


Pontoon Guard Boat

Megaware PontoonGuard® Sizes and Colors

Megaware PontoonGuard® is available in two lengths and comes in 4 great looking colors to compliment your pontoon. All colors are UV-stabilized for true color that lasts a lifetime.


For Pontoons up to 21 ft.

32 ft Kit - (2) 16 ft. Length 
Megaware PontoonGuard®s

For Pontoons 22–25 ft.

40 ft Kit - (2) 20 ft. Length 
Megaware PontoonGuard®s

Pontoon Guard Colors


Megaware guarantees your Megaware PontoonGuard® for a period of three years from the date of purchase.
Country Of Origin:
Made In The USA