Moeller Permanent Below Deck Fuel Tank - 19 Gallon


Unlike aluminum tanks, this comprehensive line of cross-linked polyethylene models offers distinctive Moeller innovations featuring: 

• Corrosion/pit resistance and exclusive Moeller Tite pioneering. 

• Each tank is complete with Hose Tite, machined aluminum fill spouts, withdraw, and vent fittings molded directly into the shell. 

• Utilizes rotationally molded, cross-linked polyethylene plastic, allowing for complex shape designs beyond conventional and restricted aluminum tanks. 

• Our fittings hold the highest O.D. and I.D. tolerances in the industry, ensuring you the highest level of input flow available during tank refueling. 

• Machined aluminum 3/8" withdraw fitting has 360° rotational capability for hook-up convenience. 

• Ideally suited for gasoline and diesel use with appropriate return kit (Part No. 035724-10). 

• Helping you properly secure your tank, convenient hold down grooves molded directly into tank shell work great with Moeller's Permanent Fuel Tank Hold Down Kit (Part No. 035710). 

• Conforms to all ABYC, NMMA and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. 

• Available with CE certification. 

• 32" L(R) X 18" L(F) X 20 3/4" W X 12 1/16" H 

Moeller Permanent Below Deck Fuel Tank - 19 Gallon