Pettit Pro Coat Trinidad 75 Antifouling Paint (Available Colors Black,Blue & Red)

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Trinidad 75

Extremely Effective Hard Antifouling Paint For Professional Applicators

  •  Trinidad formula in our Pro Coatings line available to professional applicators
  • Proven track record of unparalleled performance
  • Designed for extreme fouling conditions with a high copper load
  • Left In the water, Trinidad 75 provides classic, year-round service

Trinidad 75 packages the performance of Trinidad exclusively for professional applicators through our Pro Coatings line. Trinidad 75 utilizes an extremely high load of cuprous oxide to combat even the most extreme fouling conditions. Its durable, hard modified epoxy finish has excellent adhesion and is highly abrasion resistant. When left in the water, Trinidad will provide years of dependable service. The antifoulant of choice for professional applicators everywhere.

Color Choices:

blue black red
Blue Black Red
  How To Apply Pettit Marine Paint  

Size Calculation:

1 2
Calculate the square footage of the hull to be painted. Multiply the length of the hull by the beam them multiply that total .85 Divide that number(YOUR SQUARE FOOT TOTAL) by the amount of coverage the selected bottom paint offers. This will give you a one-coat total.

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