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Preventative Maintenance Tips

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Preventative Maintenance Tips

  • To test, run your engine to ensure it is working properly.

  • Never run it dry.

  • Be sure that your fuel contains LESS than 10% ethanol (E10). Ethanol is known to damage engines.

  • Check all fluid levels, especially engine oil and top off if necessary.

  • Periodically check the fuel line looking for cracks.

  • Inspect the fuel primer pump; make sure it is still pliable, not dry and cracked.

  • Inspect the fuel-line fittings. Are they seated properly? Check for leaks here as well.

  • Check all fuel line clamps and replace if rusted or corroded.

  • Inspect the fuel tanks for corrosion.

  • Ensure that the tank vent is aspirating properly.

  • Always check for signs of water in the fuel.

Post Trip Maintenance After Every Trip:

  • Perform an engine flush:

                - Start the engine and allow the water pump to do the rest.

                - Check the water pump flow and water temperature.

                - If hot, water pump may be clogged. Clean with a piece of wire and test again.

                - If water is still hot, replace water pump.

  • Post engine flush, disconnect the fuel line and allow engine to burn off all the fuel in the carburetor.

  • Next, remove the engine cowl and check for water leaks.

  • Wipe down the engine and spray with WD-40.

  • If you will not be using your boat often, cover the engine with a canvas or plastic cover to prevent corrosion.

  • Always use fresh fuel.