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Anchor Line

OC Boat Supplies has got you covered whenever you need nylon and poly anchor line, braided dock line, snubbers and snubber line, and accessories like line winders and anchor hooks. We carry a great selection of these items from brands you trust, including Lewmar, AAmstrand, Airhead, Custom Cordage, Davis Instruments,, Starbrite, T&H Marine, TRAC Outdoor, and Tuggy Products.

 TRAC Anchor Rope is primarily used with electric anchor winches and has been tested to 700-lbs tolerances. But you’ll find all kinds of uses for this versatile rope on your boat. Braided rope provides an especially strong hold. Lewmar offers its 8-Plait Anchor Rode to keep larger anchors in check. It is available in a number of thicknesses and lengths, too.

We Carry Anchor Lines for Every Size Craft

An economical choice for smaller craft is Tuggy Products’ Anchor Buddy. This is the anchor rope that stretches as you go to shore, preventing loss of anchorage. Also good to have on board, Aamstrand Anchor Line Hollow Poly Braid with Snap Hook, will quickly become your ‘go-to’ to secure lightweight items onboard or in the water.

Be sure to keep a supply of spare anchor lines on hand in case of emergency. Whatever you need for trailering, boating, or storing your craft, call our knowledgeable staff at OC Boat Supplies. We offer competitive pricing, and same day shipping.