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Dock Lines

As every boater knows, dock lines are used to secure your craft to a dock, marina, or even another boat. What you need to know before you buy is what you’ll be using the lines for- temporary lines for when you are ‘at sea’ or for when you are tying up to your permanent slip. Transients are nylon lines with pre-spliced eyes that are stowed aboard and used when you tie up. The eye end is tossed to someone dockside who’ll pass it through a cleat or around a piling securely.

Permanent dock lines require a more custom fit in a particular slip, as chafe-guards will need to be attached at the correct intervals. These guards ensure long life for your lines, and a secure berth for your boat. There are other considerations when buying dock lines, and these include color and braided or three-strand preferences. Color choices may just be to coordinate with sail or trim features, while the construction of the rope itself determines how strong the line will be. OC BOAT SUPPLIES customer representatives are boaters, too, and can advise you on what lines are best suited for your docking requirements.