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Dock Bumpers & Wheels

Among the important pieces of boating equipment that will protect your boat’s finish and preserve its value are boat dock bumpers. These are not the most expensive components of any craft, yet when they have been overlooked, it is easy to sustain damage at the dock or marina.

Not only are dock bumpers vital when docking or casting off, but also when the boat is docked and unmanned. Swells, rough waves and other boats can jostle boats against the dock,marina or pilings. Damage to the boat’s finish may result. Even a hairline crack in a fiberglass hull will not remain small forever. The corrosive effects of saltwater and dents can be reduced or eliminated by using the right boat dock bumpers from OC Boat Supplies That’s why we carry an extensive selection of bumpers by Attwood, Cal-June, Dock Edge, Hull Hugr, JIF Marine, K & R Manufacturing, Patriot Docks, Taco Metals, and Taylor Made.