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Anchor Rollers

Boat Anchor Rollers for Every Craft

For powerboats, anchor mounts are most often placed on their centerline. Sailboats have stem fitting, head stays, bow pulpits and furling drums which dictate different positioning for boat anchor rollers and mount placement. Position the mounts 4” to 8” to either side of the head stay. Align the mount above the toe rail with blocks, parallel to the boat’s centerline and in line with the windlass gypsy.

Boat Anchor Rollers, Mounts, and Locks from OC Boat Supplies are durable and designed to withstand constant exposure to rough seas. Our Mounts are universal and fit for shallow to deep water depths. We recommend that you lock your anchor in place to prevent rattling with our Stainless Steel Anchor Tensioners designed to accommodate any size chain or shackle.

Universal Self-Launching Bow Rollers have been designed for easy mounting on most bows, and are hinged with an inner roller for self-launching operation. These also feature low profile designs.