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Anchor Windlasses

OC Boat Supplies Stocks Every Anchoring Supply You’ll Ever Need, Including Windlasses!

OC BOAT SUPPLIES Carries a Wide Variety of Windlasses. An important part of any anchoring system are windlasses which are also known as winches. Windlasses are machines designed to restrain and manipulate anchor chain to allow the anchor to be raised or lowered using chain cable. Key to this process are windlasses’ notched wheel that engages the links of the chain or rope. Do not leave the replacement of this integral part of your craft to chance! Here at OC Boat Supplies our staff are boating enthusiasts just like you. We have the knowledge to offer sound advice no matter what part of your anchoring system or craft requires replacement. How do you select an appropriate windlass for your craft? Some of the factors are the size of your boat, it’s displacement, anchor size and rode selection. Here are some questions to consider when selecting the windlass that is right for you: