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Boat Fenders & Covers

OC Boat Supplies carries Premium Fender Covers are built from heavy duty materials resistant to sunlight, abrasion and harsh environments. The covers are secured, both top and bottom, with an adjustable, high strength polypropylene rope that keeps the cover in place yet allows for easy removal for cleaning. By combining superior construction with excellent features, we delivers fender covers that won't fail after only a season or two, but will look great and provide lasting protection for many years.

These will provide your boat with the ultimate in hull protection. No marring or color transfer to your boat. Our products use premium grade material that is resistant to sunlight and abrasion. The result is a fender cover that is built to last for many years and not just a season.To extend longevity and performance of your fender covers we recommend that you wash your fender covers at least once every season. Gentle cycle, cold water, wash with mild detergent and air dry.