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Bunk Boards & Carpet

Trailer bunk boards are essential to provide season after season of easy boat launches and loads. Carpeted bunk boards will protect your fiberglass boat hull and sides from unsightly scrapes and costly damage. Haven’t mastered the ins and outs of your local boat ramp? Not great at maneuvering your craft onto its trailer? OC Boat Supplies recommends that you install a set of bunk slicks and see how easy they make this task going forward.

Get long-lasting, top-quality carpeted trailer bunks for easy launching and loading. OC Boat Supplies extensive selection includes everything boaters need to install and maintain a set of trailer bunks including trailer bunk carpet, trailer bunk brackets, nail guns, staple guns, and trailer bunk lubricant. Just give us a call and you’ll never have to jerry-rig a solution using non-marine grade hardware from the big box store. OC Boat Supplies not only has what you are looking for, but everything you need to complete any marine project.