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Winches & Jacks

Boat trailer winches and winch straps are designed to pull your boat or other vehicles onto the trailer. OC Boat Supplies carries a selection of manual hand winches as well as push button electric winches for any application regardless of its size. OC Boat Supplies only carries trusted and reliable brands like Fulton, Powerwinch, Trac Outdoors, and JIF Marine, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality parts for your money.

Your safety on and off the water is of the utmost importance to OC Boat Supplies. Here are some tips to ensure that you trailer your boat safely. Be sure to inspect your winch cable or strap before each use for wear and tear. Replace it immediately if it appears to be worn at all as this will be a failure point. Designed to fit the Road Warrior 2500 brake winch, the Seasense Winch Strap Heavy Duty-24’ is built tough to resist fraying with an 8,000 lb. break strength and a 3,200 lb. working load. To be sure you are safe, make sure to use tie down straps to secure the boat to the trailer as the winch is not meant for this task and will cause premature wear. Whether your winch just needs a new strap, cable, repair parts, or complete replacement, we have everything you need to get your boating adventures underway.