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When equipping one’s boat, one frequently overlooked area below deck is the galley. Many boat owners believe that their household cooking utensils, pots, pans, coolers, appliances and many other land-based components can serve double-duty on their vessels. Not only does this become inconvenient- with the additional possibility of breakage or damage enroute- but also means more trips from the house to the car, and the parking lot to dockside. OC Boat Supplies offers great galley equipment solutions with our great selection of BBQ grills, cookware, refrigerators, fans, heaters, storage, 12-volt appliances and so much more. In fact, we carry everything you’ll need to keep your galley well-stocked, except the food!

A common mistake that many boat owners and their passengers experience is trying to use high-voltage appliances onboard. Not only will this likely blow a fuse, but the appliance could be damaged or ruined. Instead we stock a 12-volt hair dryer with a convenient folding handle for packing. To keep air circulating in the galley and to free limited electrical outlets, we recommend Attwood’s Ultimate Rechargeable Fan. Wet and dry messes need not create slip hazards with Burton’s 12-Volt Vacuum to Go. Possibly the most important galley tool is the coffeemaker. Choose from our Quick Cup Travel Mug size or Travel Coffee’s 4-Cup for the convenience of brewing your favorite grid while away from home.