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Protect Your Investment With Boat Dock Bumpers

Save yourself some anxious moments when approaching the dock with our boat dock bumpers. Dock bumpers are especially helpful when you are alone on the boat, and the wind and current are working against you. Our boat dock bumpers feature vinyl edging that extrudes from marine-grade flexible PVC compounds. U.V. and fungicide protection are also added to maximize the material's lifespan. Different combinations of air chambers and wall thickness provide options for every type of boat. While you are at it, upgrade your rolling dock wheel bumpers to provide a substantial cushion should the wind kick up and the water becomes choppy while in port. These feature heavy-duty vinyl wall construction with hot-dipped galvanized or epoxy coated steel hardware throughout. They are also equipped with a molded valve to adjust the air pressure, and a 2" diameter axle for stability and durability.