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Console-mounted marine gauges give boaters insight into the operations of their craft at a glance. A critical component of any craft, individual boat gauges indicate travelling speed, engine temperature, the number of operating hours, the water depth, fuel level, wind speed, water temperature, oil pressure and the amount of electricity being generated. Since marine conditions are not hospitable to electronics, when these malfunction, repair or replacement becomes a priority. Here is an overview of how boat owners may troubleshoot their gauges to determine if they are functioning properly.

Troubleshooting Pegged-Up Temperature, Oil and Fuel Gauges

  1. Disconnect wire from the engine sending unit.  If the needle moves to low-scale the sender needs replacement.

  2. If the gauge does not respond, disconnect the wire from the "S" terminal on the back of the gauge, if the gauge moves to low-scale, the wiring is grounded.

Troubleshooting an Oil Pressure Alarm Switch

For this test a Volt Meter is required.

  1. Remove the wire from the switch terminal.

  2. Turn off the engine. Connect one lead of the multi-meter to the sender terminal and connect the other to a ground on the engine. At low oil pressure the switch will be closed and the meter should show continuity (low resistance).

  3. Start the engine and check the resistance again. The pressure switch should open when oil pressure exceeds appx. 5psi. The meter should indicate a resistance of infinity (max scale). If not, replace the unit.

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