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OC Boat Supplies Has the Boat Trim Tabs Your Vessel Requires!

What are boat trim tabs and why would any boater want to use them? The tabs are comprised of two actuators and two tabs (not unlike flippers) that are attached to the hull. These tabs are then manipulated from the console to provide better control and fuel economy. Here’s how: Water travel is governed by three principals: yaw, pitch and roll. These affect the motion of your boat as it moves forward or backward. Trim tabs do not impact yaw, which is controlled by a ship’s rudder. Where trim tabs provide the most benefit is to control the amount of roll axis to reduce or eliminate listing or heeling. Boats with deep V-shaped hulls are particularly prone to these issues. The tabs are also key to stabilizing the pitch axis to control raising or lowering the bow.

You’ll want to install port and starboard trim tabs, which act independently, for maximum effectiveness. If you are new to using trim tabs on boats, focus on controlling the pitch axis to move your craft into “plane” mode. This will enable you to quickly find your boat’s most efficient and economical cruising speed through adjusting your boat trim tabs.

Smaller craft especially can benefit from the stabilization that trim tabs provide. OC Boat Supplies offers trim tab kits for many types of smaller boats.These trim tabs will react instantly to changes in speed and water pressure to help your vessel plane at lower speeds.And for stabilization and fuel economy for your Bass Boat we recommend the Nauticus Angled Transom Bass Boat Trim Tab Kit.

Trim tab mastery is a matter of experience and feel. If you remember the exhilaration of learning to ride a two-wheel bike you’ll understand how it feels when you have learned to trim for the best speed at any throttle setting. Learning to use your trim tabs properly is a boater’s rite of passage. Once you do you’ll experience smoother voyages and benefit from increased fuel economy.