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Permanent Fuel Tanks

It wasn’t very long ago that most boat gas tanks were made of steel. Many times the fuel tanks get rusty and can leak, or rust internally and sediment clogs fuel filters and carburetors. If you find you’re in need of a new boat gas tank or just want to add another OC Boat Supplies has everything you need from brands like Moeller & RDS. If you are looking to replace an old Temp fuel tank they were acquired by Moeller in 2008 so many of their tanks are still available but now under the Moeller name.

  • To replace a tank we need to know what type of tank is it?
    •   Belly, below deck, above deck permanent 
  • How much gas does it hold 12, 18, 24 gallons or more, and the dimensions
    •  Length, width, height (where is the fill & withdrawal)
  • What material do you want your tank
    • • Polyethylene Plastic, or Aluminum 

Choosing between an aluminum vs plastic tank can be hard and sometimes the answer is what fits in my boat. Plastic is lighter many times a little less expensive, corrosion resistant, and not susceptible to ethanol fuels. Aluminum tanks are extremely strong, can have the added benefit of baffles to prevent fuel sloshing back and forth, and should outlast the boat if kept away from moisture that would cause corrosion.

When replacing your fuel tank this is a perfect time to replace old fill & vent hose, and install new fuel lines.