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Trolling Motors

In the ongoing battle of man versus fish, OC Boat Supplies stocks a selection of boat trolling motors to give fishermen the decided advantage. In fact we carry everything boaters require to run their craft and to ensure it’s worry-free operation. We know that key to landing that great catch is to be in sync with your boat as it hovers directly above an unsuspecting school of stripers. Up your game with the right boat trolling motor selection from OC Boat Supplies. 

Trolling motors are battery operated for whisper quiet operation. It is important, when making your choice, to pick a trolling motor that has sufficient thrust to literally propel your boat and its contents where you want it to go. Additional factors in making your selection include possible high winds and rough water conditions. The standard rule when making a trolling motor purchase is to buy the biggest motor you can afford. Electric trolling motors are available in 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt models. Along with the motor, boaters will make an additional purchase of a corresponding battery. That is, one battery for a 12-volt motor, two for a 24-volt motor, and three, 12-volt batteries to power a 36-volt motor.