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Much like a bumper sticker on a car, boat flags can give your craft some additional “personality,” as well as identify you and your boat to other boaters. They can also show your patriotism, signal distress to attract aid, as well as set the theme for a party. OC Boat Supplies carries a great selection of flags for boats, as well as flag mounts and clips, so you’ll always be able to “fly your colors” whenever you take to the seas!

At OC Boat Supplies you’ll always find just what your craft requires, including boat flags by Airhead, Cal-June, the Online Flag Store, Sea Sense, and Taylor Made. Safety first: OC Boat Supplies carries an entire set of International Signal Flags, as well as Gale Warning, Hurricane Warning, Water Skier Down, flags for divers, and an S.O.S Distress Flag approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Buy Our Safety and Novelty Boat Flags!

Taylor Made has a wide selection of flags that include an official US Coast Guard Auxiliary flag, as well as those that announce dinner, guests, cocktails, and even a flag to indicate that no one is on board! Get your Arrgh on with a Jolly Roger Pirate Flag! If your craft is an outpost for the Conch Republic, you can announce when it is Margarita Time with an appropriate flag, also.

Remember, whatever and whenever you have a boating need, OC Boat Supplies will not only have it, but we also offer same day shipping on our competitively-priced merchandise! You’ll always receive superior customer service.