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We have a proud boating tradition in New Zealand. We’re an island nation after all. The ocean has been
our primary playground for as long as we can remember.

Because of this we’re known globally for our prowess on the big blue, with everything from boat design and building to winning the America’s Cup…and of course our world renowned antennas. For a little nation like ours, that’s called “punching above your weight.” 

When you’re on the water, a crucial tool to help you communicate with other vessels and land, and stay safe, is your marine antenna. These may not be the sexiest purchase – although ours are pretty – but it’s something you should never skimp on. With Pacific Aerials’ antennas, it’s the innovative technology that’s on the inside that sets us apart from all others. All our knowledge and experience is wrapped up in every one of our antennas to ensure you have reliable communications that go the distance.   All our antennas and accessories are designed, engineered, manufactured and individually tuned and tested in Auckland, New Zealand, where we have some of the world’s harshest marine and weather conditions. We have never outsourced any of our work or used inferior componentry, and never will. That’s because lives are on the line. Hundreds of thousands of boaties around the globe have confidence in our products and rely on us to stay in touch with their world. You can too. When you buy Pacific Aerials antennas you know you’re in safe hands.