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Life Jackets / Personal Floatation Devices

After your boat itself, life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) are the most important pieces of equipment recreational boaters should have on board. OC Boat Supplies carries an extensive selection of jackets and PFDs for every family member, including the dog!  You’ll find the right-sized vests at very competitive prices.

While some regulations vary by state, the United States Coast Guard requires that there be an appropriately-sized life jacket for everyone on board and recommends that these be worn at all times. Compliance can be difficult, especially when it is warm out. OC Boat Supplies has compiled a list of events where wearing life jackets can be a lifesaver:

  • Should the boat capsize during a storm or on rough waters, especially when the temperature is below freezing.
  • When accidentally thrown overboard for any reason, including a boat collision, losing balance on deck, or while sport fishing.
  • When swimming is difficult due to waterlogged garments.
  • Injuries from unseen objects below the surface, such as rocks and other debris.

Care and Maintenance of Life Jackets

Every life jacket should be tested for buoyancy at least once a year. Any jacket that has become waterlogged or leaky, even faded, should be replaced. Check to see if your children have outgrown their life jackets, as well. Remember that the best life jackets are the ones that are worn, so make sure yours are comfortable. It is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. If you have any questions about life jackets, give our customer service representatives a call for guidance. We’re here Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM PS.