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Marine Distress Signals

Expect the best but prepare for the worst’ isn’t just a slogan for boaters. It means that boaters are required to carry regulation safety equipment on board, however, it is unlikely that it will ever be used. To ensure the utmost in passenger safety and that of other boaters, boat owners will have taken classes in boating safety as well as carry life preservers and other required equipment on every voyage. However, there are other pieces of safety equipment to consider, as well as technological advances that may now make your simple flashlights and other safety gear obsolete. You may never have to send out marine distress signals, but it is not only important to be prepared, it is also required.

If you are thinking of upgrading your boat’s safety equipment, take a look at OC Boat Supplies great inventory of marine distress signal components from leading brands like ACR Electronics, Cal-June, and Ocean Signal. A great item is Cal-June’s S.O.S. Distress flag. It is USCG-approved and is a highly visible 9-square feet with corner grommets and ties. It comes with its own reusable zip lock storage bag. If your craft is disabled in choppy seas, you’ll appreciate having Ocean Signal’s RescueME Electronic Distress Flare on hand. Visible for up to 7 miles, this signaling device uses LED light for a constant level of light output, yet stows compactly in a drawer, life raft or backpack when not in use.