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Teak Oil

Marine Teak Oil

Season after season, wood bot decks take beating from general wear and tear, as well as the sun and water. Damaged wood decks, particularly pricey teak, can be expensive to repair and replace. Boaters can extend the working life of decks by maintaining them with high-quality marine teak oil-based products. OC Boat Supplies offers a tried and true selection of teak oil cleaners and sealers designed to keep your deck, as well as any wood surfaces around your vessel, in top shape. We stock the finest brands on the market including respected manufacturers such as BoatLIFE and Starbrite. If you need some guidance on which products are right for use on your wood deck, please give us a call. We are happy to assist.

Wood decks become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold when they are wet. Make sure you clean your deck well with products like Starbrite’s Premium Teak Cleaner. These formulas clean wood surfaces without raising the grain and are even effective to use on teak furniture, too! If your deck is dull and weathered, the first step in restoring your wood’s finish is using the Starbrite’s Premium Teak Brightener.