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Keel Guards & Shields

At some point nearly every boater runs their craft aground. When this happens, keel guards can prevent a mishap from becoming a costly mistake. If you beach your boat without a protective shield in place, the gelcoat and fiberglass will most likely sustain damage. When this happens it is costly to repair and can also provide more friction causing lower boat speeds and wasted gas. These issues can be completely avoided by installing keel guards. If you’re in the market for them, we’ve great news: OC Boat Supplies carries the leading shield brand, Megaware Keelguard.

Whatever your boating needs, OC Boat Supplies offers a comprehensive selection of marine parts and supplies, including keel guards ready to ship out! Once you become a OC Boat Supplies customer, our selection, expertise and customer service will make you a OC Boat Supplies customer for life!