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Marine Oil Change Pumps

If you’re into cars you probably change the oil in your ride. It’s a simple procedure: just place a drip pan under the engine, unscrew the drain plug, and the oil answers gravity’s call. It is not quite so simple for boating enthusiasts who want to perform the seemingly simple task to change their boat’s oil. For one thing, a car is on dry land, a boat is in the water. Also, there are environmental considerations when changing the oil on a boat.

To safely remove marine oil from its reservoir, boat oil change pumps designed specifically for this purpose are required. Used oil must be disposed of properly. This usually means conveying it to an authorized waste oil disposal station. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t when you ask the knowledgeable staff at Wholesale Marine for assistance. We can make recommendations from our extensive inventory of marine oil change pumps so you’ll know what to do and have the tools you need to do it.