Kneeboarding has come a long way since the first board was invented- the ‘Knee Ski’. Now a universally popular sport, kneeboarding is also a designated towable sport. There are kneeboards for the athletes among us and others that anyone can enjoy. While it requires some proficiency to kneeboard like a pro, there are kneeboards for those who just want to enjoy a day on the water -literally!

OC Boat Supplies has kneeboards in stock that are a fresh, easy way to have fun with all of your family and friends. Lie down, kneel, stand, surf, rest and even ride backwards. Your limits are only defined by your imagination! With our buoyant, durable molded boards you can enjoy kneeboarding time and time again whether you are being pulled behind any boat or jet-ski.

If you are looking to stock up on recreational watersports equipment for your boat, know that OC Boat Supplies has everything you need. We offer a competitive pricing guarantee and most items flat rate ship the same day.