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Recreational boating means family fun time in the water. Before you set out, however, make sure you have a life vest on board for every passenger, sized to fit their current age/weight. This is one boating investment that reaps benefits in safety every time you hit the water. OC Boat Supplies carries life and ski vests in Men’s, Youth, Infant, Children’s, Teen, and Women’s sizes, and even Life Jackets for your Pet(s)! Call us today, and we’ll have your family’s vests sent to you right away!

We know how important a safe, quality, and reliable Life Vest is-which is why we only carry the most trusted brands. Did you know? Life and ski vests need to be examined and possibly replaced as your family changes- weight gains or losses, especially for kids who likely have outgrown last season’s vest (which is why we offer Life Vests suitable for every stage of growth.)

The vests are designed with stylish graphics; safety and comfort in mind. We stock Infant and Toddler Life Vests, Vests suitable for Children 30-50 pounds, Youth, and Teen Life Jackets. The Men's and Women’s Life Jackets at Wholesale Marine are designed to allow for a superior range of motion, comfort, and an assurance of safety that will let you focus on what’s important on the water- having fun and making memories.

OC Boat Supplies Has Life and Ski Vests for Everyone!

What is the difference between life and ski vests? Ski Vests are life jackets designed for use by water skiers. These are usually made from neoprene and the ideal fit hugs the body to cut down on wind resistance when skiing. Life vests can be made from a combination of materials, including nylon, and are somewhat bulkier. Both are effective in providing buoyancy in the water.

Whatever your recreational boating life requires, OC Boat Supplies carries it. We offer same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Returns are easy and you can depend on our great customer service and advice. Order your ski vests or any other recreational boat items with confidence from OC Boat Supplies.