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Rafts / Floats

 Summer Fun From OC Boat Supplies: Lounges,Slides & Boat Rafts!

Kick back and relax this weekend! Float the lake and lounge in the sun with our Floating Party Islands, Rafts, and Floating Hammocks, or liven up a party on the open water with our Floating Islands, Jumping Platforms, Pontoon Slides, or Spillways!

Now, you don’t have to travel to the equator to find that island getaway. Make your own with our Floating Island party packages. OC Boat Supplies carries HO Sports and Connelly floating island rafts perfect for a group of friends looking to have the time of their lives.

A day out on the lake can do wonders. Our floating lounges are perfect for relaxing and socializing with friends and family. Designed to hold you up in the water and keep you dry when you want to be, you can be sure to enjoy the extra support from our rafts and floating hammocks. Boat rafts allow families and groups of friends to hang out together. Try the Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge which seats, or should we say ‘floats’ up to six persons while safely attached to your boat or dock. Want to meet up with friends and float a spell? Buy several Airhead Gang Planks. These boat rafts attach to each other to form a walkway between boats or just float tethered to your vessel.