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Boat Rafts and Floats

Kick back and relax this weekend! Float the lake and lounge in the sun with our Floating Party Islands, Rafts, and Floating Hammocks, or liven up a party on the open water with our Floating Islands, Jumping Platforms, Pontoon Slides, or Spillways!

Now, you don’t have to travel to the equator to find that island getaway. Make your own with our Floating Island party packages. OC Boat Supplies carries SportsStuff rafts perfect for a group of friends looking to have the time of their lives.

OC Boat Supplies has everything you need to have a fun day in the sun! Order your loungers, water slides, or boat rafts, and we’ll send them out pronto.  We offer same day shipping, and returns are easy and you’ll always receive the best customer service and advice.