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Many boaters enjoy the task of winterizing their craft. One rookie mistake, however, is to think that automotive antifreeze should be used to protect your boat engine as well. While Ethylene Glycol offers excellent protection against both freezing and corrosion, it is not advisable for use as marine antifreeze, and in some places it’s use is illegal as it harms the environment.

Instead, use a product formulated to have minimum impact on our waterways. OC Boat Supplies carries Starbrite’s Sea Safe, Non-Toxic Antifreeze. It offers burst protection to -100F. Now do not think that means that your engine is protected to air temperatures that low. Antifreeze is actually rated by the temperature at which the gas line will freeze, not the ambient temperature, as many boaters mistakenly believe. Ice crystal formation is the devil associated with ruptured gas lines and engine damage. These start to form in antifreeze when the temperature reaches 12 degrees above zero!

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