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Heaters & Dehumidifiers

Boat Heaters and Dehumidifiers

Moisture and damp are your boat’s enemies. Too much moisture or chill can make your passengers uncomfortable as well. Fortunately, no boating detail is too small for OC Boat Supplies. We carry a wide range of boat heaters and dehumidifying products to make your craft comfortable, as well as mold and mildew-resistant. We carry products from brands you’ll recognize such as Xtreme Heaters, Starbrite, Davis Instruments, and Caframo. Remember, we ship most orders the same day, so you’ll have your products in no time!

Trying to take the chill out of mornings on board? Try True North’s Cabin Heater. It requires little space and features three heat settings. Its steel casing makes it durable, too. Need something to warm a larger space? Caframo Pali has a 400 Watt Engine Compartment Heater that will extend your boating season and protect your boat’s engine in the event of a sudden cold snap. Our top of the line boat heater is made by Xtreme Heaters and features 450 Watts of Power to keep your engine compartment fully functional in the early and late boating season.